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Breaking News and Important Legislative Updates
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CFODC's Disaster Fund

has money available to aid animals in disaster areas of CA, (fire, flood, mudslides) including funds set aside strictly for veterinary care. Please contact one of our board members if animals are in need of assistance in your area.
Judythe Coffman, President

  Kern Co. Animal Control wildfire donation.

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What the CFODC does for me

Animal Control Terrorists

Animal Enterprise Terrorism
~ by Karen Snider ~

Shelter Adoption = Moral Superiority


CFODC has developed and implemented a PowerPoint presentation of a Breed ID Workshop for shelter workers, rescuers and volunteers as well as the general pet owning public. Once we do the presentation, we leave an entire packet with the organization with which they can refresh their familiarity of breed ID principles on an ongoing basis. The packet contains the CD with the PP presentation, materials that can be copied for distribution to anyone that wants to refresh their memories as well as a dog care and training brochure for new owners who adopt from a shelter with our permission to copy and distribute to adopters. Included in this brochure is a 1-800 help line we have established and implemented for pet owners struggling with behavior or training problems.

We’ve done several very well received presentations for LA City Animal Control, and are in the process of scheduling several more, as well as hoping to schedule several for LA County Animal Control. Kern Co. Animal Control is in the process of scheduling a presentation for their shelter employees, volunteers and the general pet owning public soon.

The packet is free to CA shelters. While we can just send you a packet, we would prefer to do a “formal” presentation at a mutually agreed upon date and time if at all possible.

We would ask a $39.95 donation to cover materials and mailing for anyone in other states who would like a copy of the entire packet. Requests should be made through CFODC’s website to any of the board members who will then contact you to facilitate delivery of your packet.

We are excited for the opportunity to educate more Americans about pet ownership and breed characteristics.

Animal Rights VS Animal Welfare
NCRAOA: Animal Guardians, Legal Status of Animals, Animal Personhood, legal compensation for animals

Why Changing "Owner" To "Guardian" Is Not A Good Idea

AVMA policy Ownership vs Guardianship

In a Nutshell
what you need to know to understand the threat against you as an animal owner.

In Defense of Dog Breeders
How Animal Rights Has Twisted Our Language

Filling Empty Pounds

Rethinking Spay and Neuter

Why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws Are Ineffective

Basis for Position on Mandatory Spay-Neuter in the Canine and Feline

300,000 Imported Puppies Prompt Rabies Concerns

What Pet Overpopulation?

Shelter imports from Caribbean to Minnesota, MO, GA, FL, NY, IL, IN

Another group that imports dogs, in addition to Save a Sato, Save a Mexican Mutt, and Compassion Without Borders......"Pets for Paradise"....what about all that dog overpopulation?

United We Stand: Divided We Fall

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a PROMOTE the welfare of dogs.   a ENCOURAGE responsible dog ownership.
a EDUCATE the public about the advantages and responsibilities of dog ownership.   a COORDINATE efforts with the American Kennel Club in the area of public education.
a INFORM the public of the importance of obtaining dogs from reputable sources.   a PROVIDE INFORMATION to dog clubs and civic groups on CFoDC and responsible ownership.
a ESTABLISH media contacts with the press - print, TV and radio.   a MONITOR California and other state and local legislation concerning dogs and dog ownership.
a DISTRIBUTE information on California breed rescues.   a ADVISE and ASSIST local clubs so that they can participate in educational events at their county fair, Dog Days at the Mall, and other such events.



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